Below is a selection of links and some general couse notes that you should find useful in regard to learning about many aspects of automotive technology. If you have any links that might be useful e-mail them to me and I will update this list.


Course Image Gallery
- A collection of pictures from the automotive courses of learning in action!

Course Documents - All the course hand outs and paper work that you might need access to!

Moodle Course Management - Yup, that's right, your quizzes and grades are online. Follow the link, register and always know where you are at in the course.

Teacher On Call - If I happen to be away from school for some reason you will have a substitute teacher or a TOC. This link will only be active when I am away from school. So, know where this link is just in case.

Course Surveys - Yes, it is true, I care about what students think! So, I use online surveys to get feedback from students which helps me deliver the best, up to date, and most individually  relevant teaching material on the planet! These links will be active only when a survey is available.

Automotive 11

Automotive 12

Facebook - Visit our facebook group located under Delta Secondary School - Automotive

How Stuff Works - Great resource showing how many different things work!

CDX - Great automotive resource site with tons of useful information.

TSB Shipping - It is true, ordering some stuff through the United States (our neighbours to the south) can be cheaper than buying in Canada and sometimes they have stuff that we can get at home. So, here is the place (located in Point Roberts) that I have used to get my stuff shipped to. Take a look at their website!


  • Handing in assignments - The majority of the assignmets in this course are handed in via e-mail. In order for the e-mail to be recieved you must have a specific subject. The subject should be: 
block_your name

For example:

c_john smith

If you have followed directions then you will recieve a confirmation e-mail stating that your assignment has been recieved. If you do not recieve the confirmation e-mail then you need to resubmit your assignment. Usually the confirmation e-mail can take up to 10 minutes to be sent out.