This is me (Mr. Mynott) camping in Keremos. As you can see, my black Jeep is getting some SERIOUS suspension flex. I love Jeeps. If you can't tell by the picture, I am an avid automotive and outdoors enthusiast among many other things. Feel free to click on the image to get a better look.

Opening Comments

Hello all and welcome to Automotive. Automotive is just one facet of the Technology Education curriculum in the province of British Columbia. Technology Education is possibly one of the most exciting and rewarding areas to study in and for myself to teach in. Yes, I absolutely love my job. We use every type of education that you can think of and we use all of it in the name of practicality. Whether its math, physics, biology, engineering, English, environmental studies, etc.. All of these areas are integrated into Technology Education in a practical way.

I wish you all the successes with your studies. I implore you all to reach as far as you can. When you think you have reached far enough, reach a little more. Only what you choose will become reality. Choose success.

Mr. Mynott

Your Instructor

My name is Mr. Mynott. You might be wondering a little a little bit about your instructor. Well, lets get started. After graduating High school in all academics with very high grades I turned down a scholarship to the University of British Columbia in favor of attending Simon Fraser University. After attending SFU and studying towards a major in Chemistry and a minor in Kinesisology I decided that life needed to take a turn.

I had been teaching is the area of lifeguarding and first aid and always knew that I would be teaching in some facet and most likely that would be high school. Although I enjoyed teaching the younger kids in swimming lessons the enthusiasm of teenagers sparked my interest. After working with vehicles of all natures and being a hobbiest metal fabricator I decided to put my love of teaching and my technical skills together.

I entered into the TTED (Teacher Technology Education Diploma Program) at BCIT. My opinion about BCIT, simply awesome. From my experiences, BCIT offers education with goals and aspirations of employment. This is something that all of my years at university never really gave me. Kind of the world of Academia Vs. employment orientated education. Well, money makes the world go round so getting employment can't be a bad thing. After 2 years of the most difficult, intense and rewarding education I had done thus far in my educational life I was graduating BCIT with with honors. After this bought of education at BCIT I entered the UBC teacher education program and finished this with top marks. I began my teaching career in the Richmond School district and worked at London Secondary school teaching drafting, woodwork, and planning 10. 

My hobbies have always been of a technical nature. I can always remember my mother asking me what I was doing when I was out of sight. Well, I was always building something or trying to fix something. As one has many hobbies, I spent mine not only being involved in the community in which I live, working as a life guard at the local aquatic centers but working on various technical projects from different technical areas.

Along with a zillion other projects, I have just recently finished my Masters Degree in Educational Technology. My personal opinion, Educational Technology is a very interesting area of study. I am mostly doing my work in open source software and how to support education thorough its use.

To wrap up this introduction, I love learning. I especially love learning everything technical. You know, the how. Metal fabrication, computer programming and so on. I am my own worst enemy, since I love knowing about everything I spent copious amounts of time trying to become an expert at everything. Yes, trying to become and expert at everything turns out to be VERY time consuming.

Other than all the educational stuff I have a wife and a cat. Lets call my wife Sally. Her name is not Sally but some students named her that so that is what it will be. As for my cat his name is Sammy. He is a male orange Tabby. Kind of like Garfield but WAY cuter. Well, I hope you have enjoyed this short introduction. See you in the classroom! 

Mr. Mynott